About Us

“We believe cities should have air and water that is clean, power that comes from renewable sources and transport that does not pollute. Global human talent can be effectively utilised to provide viable long-term solutions, help improve our environment and to build an economy that is sustainable and vibrant. We shall work tirelessly to make these realisations eventuate in the least possible time.”
GWC CEO (June 2008)

Green World City is a global alliance of CEOs, senior executives and experts involved in creating sustainable projects worldwide.

Every year, more and more people are moving into cities. In 2008 the world’s urban population for the first time in human history, outnumbered the rural population. In the next 25 to 30 years, another 2 billion people will be moving into towns and cities. Rapid global urbanisation is unstoppable, but Green World City is playing a role in making it a more environmentally sustainable process.


Our framework is applicable worldwide in many sizable pieces of land with population demand, good transport and infrastructure support. Our advantages add significant value (and minimises risk) to any large-scale project.


Green World City’s experts and member companies have been involved in Green Projects in over 120 countries. Our Advisory Board and team are global leaders with the knowledge, track record and skills in the creation of green cities and preservation of the environment.


  • We have support from many Influential Leaders, Governments, International Associations and Industries.
  • We have experts from many disciplines to help create economically feasible sustainable cities.
  • Our Masterplan experts will create the idea city for the local environment.
  • We have experts to assess and implement the most suitable green solutions.
  • Our framework also attract investments and create employment.

Benefits to Our World:

  • GREEN WORLD BLUEPRINT™ addresses the issues of Climate Change, Environmental Pollution and Rapid Global Urbanisation.
  • GREEN WORLD BLUEPRINT™ accelerates the development of countries and adaptation of Clean Energy and Green Building Technologies.
  • GREEN WORLD BLUEPRINT™ answers the insatiable demand of increasing global consumption in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Benefits to Cities:

  • GREEN CITY FRAMEWORK™ can make a city a world-class place to live, work and play.
  • GREEN CITY FRAMEWORK™ can help clearly identify the problems and selecting the best options in implementing green solutions to become low carbon.
  • GREEN CITY FRAMEWORK™ provides sustained economic growth, increased productivity, low carbon emissions, low pollution, greater social amenity and improved quality of life.

Benefits to Developers:

  • GWC adds significant value to the project while minimising risk.
  • GWC can assess and introduce cost effective green solutions to the project.
  • GWC can help bring positive media coverage for the project.
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Benefits to Green companies:

  • GWC can help create business opportunities.
  • GWC can make introductions to relevant decision makers.
  • GWC can help bring positive media publicity for green companies.
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